PT. DREAM ESTATE offers the possibility to buy or lease a plot. The accompanying covenant describes the possibilities, various costs and obligations. The plots are for sale, leasehold and lease, for everyone and are provided with water and electricity if wished for.

The plots are now registered (HGB certificat) on PT. DREAM ESTATE and can by wish of the buyer converted to a Free Hold certificate (Hak Milik certificat). The procedure of implementing the registration takes approximately half a year to complete. The costs will be at the purchasing party. Purchaser is obligated to make a deposit of 50% from the sale amount, when registration is complete the other 50% will be paid, this will be signed at the notary.

The sale price determined is € 4.267 per are at a minimum of 5 are. Notary en 10% tax excluded.

According the law of Indonesia, foreigners cannot own land in the strict sense of property ownership. However, there are opportunities for land use with the entire rights and duties equivalent to possession by an Indonesian owner. The contracts will be drawn up by the notary.

By example:

1. The possession of the land is allocated to a so called Indonesian sponsor. The sponsor then gives you full right to use the whole of the plot to you the foreign buyer. The plot status must be converted from HGB to Hak Milik.

2. The leaser prefers leasehold and the plot remains PT. DREAM ESTATE owned.

A contract will be made by notary that gives the purchaser full right of use. Continuity of PT. DREAM ESTATE is guaranteed by heirs. Annual property tax will be paid by PT. DREAM ESTATE and be charged to the plot owner. A small naming and lease cost will be charged every year. PT. DREAM ESTATE offers the possibility of leasing land to the following conditions:

Leasehold or lease option

Leasehold option

· Leases are possible only from 10 are or more

· The plot lease period is unlimited.

· Leasehold-price is paid once.

· Amount of the leasehold price is the same as the buyer price.

A small naming and lease cost will be charged every year

Lease option

· Leases are possible only from 10 are or more.

· The plot lease period is unlimited.

· Lease-price per year over a period of 3 years will be determined on the basis of governments the price-index/inflation figure. The new sale price of the plot will be determined as well. Lease period starts after signing the contract lease and will be in proportion in the starting year calculated.

· Lease price per are per year is € 1500 over a period of 3 years from the date of sale. You have the possibility buying the plot for the selling price of € 4.267 per are within 3 years.

· The already paid lease amount will NOT be deducted from the sale price.

Leaser can transfer the lease to a new leaser. PT. DREAM ESTATE will charge the new leaser the transfer costs.


If the leaser has not paid his annual lease before January 31 of the new year, therefore PT. DREAM ESTATE has the right to reclaim the property with all what is build on it and to dissolve the lease contract.